iBamboo Speaker: now I feel iZen

Do you love the look and feel of eco-friendly, natural products? I do. Makes me feel like I’m at a spa.

De-wire and de-clutter your desk and make room for this ibamboo speaker crafted by an Etsy seller out of a single piece of bamboo. It’s made for the iphone 4/4S and you just slot your phone into it, and the music fills the room naturally as the natural resonance of the bamboo amplies the sound. This even makes for a great gift.

Each one is unique and is a 100% eco-friendly and uses no electricity and no wires! What a great idea!

5 comments on “iBamboo Speaker: now I feel iZen

  1. oooh this is awezum! wish i’d thought of this before getting a jambox.

    p.s this comment seems very familiar – i think i may have left one juist like this on one of your other posts.

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