High Tech Marriage Proposals

I once watched a show on the national geographic channel – Top 100 marriage proposals – which included underwater, midst sky dive, on the golf course, in prison, swimming with dolphins, movie theaters and the latest proposal I saw was the viral video circulating youtube – Isaac’s lip-dub proposal, where he has his whole family singing and dancing to “I think I want to marry you” . Sigh … I want that.

Anyway, that got me thinking, I wonder if people have ever used technology or gadgets to propose innovatively. Turns out they have!

1. Make me the “app”iest girl in the world

One guy in Australia put out an ad to web developers to create a custom iPhone app for him. It cost him a few grand – and the perfected app that he gave her, basically took her on a long scavenger hunt directing her to all the places they’d visited together, and post her progress on Facebook simultaneously. She had to take pictures at each location and the hunt ended at a catered dinner. After dinner, the app gave her some instructions on how to find her reward and voila – a ring.

2. Hack your way into my heart

A computer science student hacked into his girlfriends Nintendo game and proposed!

3. Love is a game

A gamer with a girlfriend that loved to play games on her phone built a game for her that after she reached a certain level, would read : “Jen, I love you with all my heart and nothing would make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Underneath, there was just one button: “YES.”

The only hitch was Jen’s initial inability to get past the 7th level of the game where the proposal was buried. Haha

4. This proposal expires … 
This proposal happened all on Groupon! Wow – These pictures explain it all – Quite a cool idea! Make sure to pay attention to ” the fine print” section of the groupon!

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