A Really Smart Toothbrush


I was at a talk by Colgate yesterday and heard about this for the first time. It looks incredible so I wanted to post about it!

  • It’s an electric toothbrush that has sensors that automatically adjusts the speed and direction of motion in your mouth – slow for gums, different direction for molars etc.
  • It has an LED display to show the angle the toothbrush is being held in your mouth.
  • It has a timer to ensure you’re brushing for the right amount of time.

This is the closest you’ll get to having a dentist in your house every morning telling you how to brush and for how long. 

Whopping price tag: £164.99 but on sale online and on ebay

Confession: Max I’ve ever spent on a toothbrush is about $3! And I sneaked more than one free $3 samples from the talk I attended. #student

You can read more here: 

One comment on “A Really Smart Toothbrush

  1. I guess you have to grit your teeth to buy it for that price!! But sure looks highly interesting.rather like the shaving razors that have a vibratory mechanism…no idea how the vibration helps with the shave but it is cool and one is psychologically happier that he is actually having a closer’smoother shave!! Let me go check the online spl pricing you mention. Good one!

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