COIN – heads: Must-Buy; tails: Must-Buy


To explain it simply, it is a single card that can store all your credit and debit cards, even loyalty/gift cards. So relieve your over-stuffed wallet and you will ever only need this one card with a single magnetic strip!

A lot of companies have dabbled in the tech-meets-finance space. Square did it successfully for small business owners and now Coin is something for us, the consumer! It is a kickstarter project and officially launches next summer. It will release with a price tag of $100. But, they are taking pre-orders now for $50! It does of course raise some security issues and they are in the process of addressing these.

Watch the video to really see it in action. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Pre-Order yours now with a 50% discount:

A Really Smart Toothbrush


I was at a talk by Colgate yesterday and heard about this for the first time. It looks incredible so I wanted to post about it!

  • It’s an electric toothbrush that has sensors that automatically adjusts the speed and direction of motion in your mouth – slow for gums, different direction for molars etc.
  • It has an LED display to show the angle the toothbrush is being held in your mouth.
  • It has a timer to ensure you’re brushing for the right amount of time.

This is the closest you’ll get to having a dentist in your house every morning telling you how to brush and for how long. 

Whopping price tag: £164.99 but on sale online and on ebay

Confession: Max I’ve ever spent on a toothbrush is about $3! And I sneaked more than one free $3 samples from the talk I attended. #student

You can read more here:

iPhone Tip Alert: Trade and Upgrade

Time Sensitive Tip:  Lock-in a resale price for your existing iPhone now! 

Apple is planning to announce their latest phone line-up around September 10th and should release the phones to the public by September 20th (rumored but several reliable sources have confirmed).


The resale value of your existing phones will obviously drop drastically once the new iphone(s) is announced. is however doing a promotion where you can LOCK-IN a price for your phone now and you will only have to ship it out to them by mid-October!

I just locked in my price. You should too!

Here’s the link:

‘Jobs’ Movie is coming out soon!

imagesThe movie/ biopic that depicts the life of Steve Jobs is coming out on August 16th! Ashton Kutcher plays Steve Jobs. This is the poster they just released, which I think is pretty reminiscent of Apple print ads actually. I’m quite excited to see how they plan to tell his story. I’ll post a movie review as soon as I watch it as well. I’m so in awe of how he changed our world, revolutionizing the music industry and the starting the smartphone wars, and really being the inventor of “cool”.

PS: It’s annoying how Apple’s stock is now plummeting. I definitely didn’t sell mine off at the right time when it was over $700/share … I’m still holding on tight – Oh well, I guess I’m still a believer!

 “And just one more thing…..”


Coke gets Tech-Savvy in Advertising

Coke is easily the most recognized brand globally and recently they installed some communication portal vending machines that they’re calling “Small world machines” in shopping malls in India and Pakistan.

Their idea was to use 3D technology and live streaming webcam feed through the glass so you can share a coke with someone in the other country.

So India and Pakistan don’t have the friendliest recent history but apparently these vending machines were quite the cause for intense excitement, high energy and cheer. Take a look at the video – what do you think?

I think their ad agency – Leo Burnett, has done a fine job with this one. Creating a viral ad campaign that is talked about in the news, has a positive political message and is interactive , all while improving the brands goodwill – thats the dream.


2012: CosmopoliTech Year in Review

Happy New Year!

For those interested, here is the Annual Report from wordpress on CosmopoliTech! – Just for Fun

Excerpt: 600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,200 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

By MJ Posted in All

NIKE TRAINING App: Personal training at its best

You select your workout goals, you can select drills and audio training, sync it your playlist, watch videos of any drills or exercises you don’t know, and basically sweat your ass off all at home…

“Access detailed, step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations of each drill. A Nike professional trainer guides you through each step of your workout. Pause your workout at any time to access on-demand instruction.” – Nike

If I wanted to learn how to tone my arms, I can select an option to do that, and it will focus just on that. This really is different from all the other training and fitness apps out there. Give it a whirl.

Price: FREE!

Brilliant Long distance relationships Pillow


Pillow Talk: When one person’s head hits the pillow, the counterpart pillow lights up so that you know they’ve just gone to bed too. The gentle glow is supposed to make you feel all cuddly and warm and close to your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend/pet.

I think its brilliant!

Click on the picture to take you to the article that describes the mechanics in detail and even shows you a video. Let me know what you think!

Summer’s not over yet! Beach Accessories

Xsories Beach bag with speakers! $29.99 . Can’t speak for the quality but I love the idea. Below is a Sporti waterproof phone cover I’m sure many will appreciate. You can operate a touchscreen phone through the cover and when you drop it in water, it floats! Now THAT is smart. $19.99 , probably cheaper on Amazon (