Defensive iPhone Cases




Yellow Jacket is producing iphone cases that double as stun guns! I just have to make sure I don’t stun myself while talking on the phone…


The SmartGuard iPhone 4/4S case comes with a slim red pepper spray dispenser that can be detached for use in case of an emergency.


Virtual Keyboard: The future is here

This was way too cool for me to not post. The future is here. This virtual keyboard uses revolutionary laser technology and can project on any flat surface!! It tracks your fingers using advanced optics and can pair with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone using bluetooth. I’d definitely feel like I was in Mission Impossible if I were to ever use this keyboard – I’m getting a kick out of just picturing doing this at Starbucks!

Available at Brookstone for $99. Guaranteed to draw a crowd if used in public :).

Zip-it earphones


You know how when you’re putting your phone or iPod away, and then reach for it, your earphones are a tangly mess. ZipBuds came up with a solution – zipper earphones. They’re tangle free and come in many fun colors. Easy, Fun, Genius !

Price: $13.99 – 19.99. Click on picture to take you to their website

High Tech Marriage Proposals

I once watched a show on the national geographic channel – Top 100 marriage proposals – which included underwater, midst sky dive, on the golf course, in prison, swimming with dolphins, movie theaters and the latest proposal I saw was the viral video circulating youtube – Isaac’s lip-dub proposal, where he has his whole family singing and dancing to “I think I want to marry you” . Sigh … I want that.

Anyway, that got me thinking, I wonder if people have ever used technology or gadgets to propose innovatively. Turns out they have!

1. Make me the “app”iest girl in the world

One guy in Australia put out an ad to web developers to create a custom iPhone app for him. It cost him a few grand – and the perfected app that he gave her, basically took her on a long scavenger hunt directing her to all the places they’d visited together, and post her progress on Facebook simultaneously. She had to take pictures at each location and the hunt ended at a catered dinner. After dinner, the app gave her some instructions on how to find her reward and voila – a ring.

2. Hack your way into my heart

A computer science student hacked into his girlfriends Nintendo game and proposed!

3. Love is a game

A gamer with a girlfriend that loved to play games on her phone built a game for her that after she reached a certain level, would read : “Jen, I love you with all my heart and nothing would make me happier than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Underneath, there was just one button: “YES.”

The only hitch was Jen’s initial inability to get past the 7th level of the game where the proposal was buried. Haha

4. This proposal expires … 
This proposal happened all on Groupon! Wow – These pictures explain it all – Quite a cool idea! Make sure to pay attention to ” the fine print” section of the groupon!

SOCCKET: Can a ball really generate electricity?

This was created for resource-poor communities to be able to harness kinetic energy and store it as electricity that can be later used to power up lamps, water sterelizers and other appliances.

As the ball rolls, theres a mechanism inside that turns the motor and stores the energy in a battery. 30 minutes of playing with the ball can give you about 3 hours of light!! Imagine the possibilities. This is really amazing and inspiring: You Must Must watch this video:

Sound advice…

SoundMatters foxL Speakers v2 (clicking on the picture takes you to the website)

This tiny speaker packs quite a punch. It was developed by a NASA engineer who used a bunch of their patented technologies to come up with this design.

Cool features:

  • Wireless music streaming –  bluetooth capability so it can go wireless! You don’t have to plug it into anything to send your music to. 
  • Compatibility with phones, laptops, tablets, computer. Oh and you can totally use this speaker for phone calls and conference calls too – you can accept and reject calls straight from the speaker! This gives putting your phone on speaker a whole new meaning. Get it? “Speaker” phone… 
  • Long battery life (12-20 hours) 
  • Compact design with no sacrifice of audio quality: rave reviews on unbelievable sound quality. 

Price: $199

Sounds good to me – I can’t wait to get my hands on one. What about you?

Don’t Cry Over ‘Spoilt’ Milk

MilkMaid has come up with an idea for a SMART MILK JUG that can detect when milk is spoiled, and notify the user via text. It can also tell you when you need to buy

Here’s how it works: The milk goes into the vessel and as it begins to turn sour in the fridge, these cool features like temperature and acidity sensors detect when milk has gone sour or when the content is low, and it can send you a text letting you know to add it to your grocery list.

Product development company, Quirky, has just finished with the design and engineering phase of the working prototype. If there is a demand for the product, then Milkmaid could be made available to purchase. I can’t wait!!!

via TechCrunch. Click on the picture for more details.

Multi-function iPhone Case

This case is called The Rechargeable iPhone Speaker Amplifier Case.

Awkward name: Check. Features that justify name albeit awkward: Check

Price: $45.50


  • a rechargeable battery that doubles the life of your mobile phone
  • a subwoofer that amplifies the sound by about 10 times the regular sound of your phone
  • it’s got a stand on the back to take photos, or to watch videos
  • Quite slim given all its features!
  • Oh yeah, it protects your phone too

Click on the picture to take you to the website for more detail.