COIN – heads: Must-Buy; tails: Must-Buy


To explain it simply, it is a single card that can store all your credit and debit cards, even loyalty/gift cards. So relieve your over-stuffed wallet and you will ever only need this one card with a single magnetic strip!

A lot of companies have dabbled in the tech-meets-finance space. Square did it successfully for small business owners and now Coin is something for us, the consumer! It is a kickstarter project and officially launches next summer. It will release with a price tag of $100. But, they are taking pre-orders now for $50! It does of course raise some security issues and they are in the process of addressing these.

Watch the video to really see it in action. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Pre-Order yours now with a 50% discount:


Coke gets Tech-Savvy in Advertising

Coke is easily the most recognized brand globally and recently they installed some communication portal vending machines that they’re calling “Small world machines” in shopping malls in India and Pakistan.

Their idea was to use 3D technology and live streaming webcam feed through the glass so you can share a coke with someone in the other country.

So India and Pakistan don’t have the friendliest recent history but apparently these vending machines were quite the cause for intense excitement, high energy and cheer. Take a look at the video – what do you think?

I think their ad agency – Leo Burnett, has done a fine job with this one. Creating a viral ad campaign that is talked about in the news, has a positive political message and is interactive , all while improving the brands goodwill – thats the dream.

Brilliant Long distance relationships Pillow


Pillow Talk: When one person’s head hits the pillow, the counterpart pillow lights up so that you know they’ve just gone to bed too. The gentle glow is supposed to make you feel all cuddly and warm and close to your long distance boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/friend/pet.

I think its brilliant!

Click on the picture to take you to the article that describes the mechanics in detail and even shows you a video. Let me know what you think!

Virtual Keyboard: The future is here

This was way too cool for me to not post. The future is here. This virtual keyboard uses revolutionary laser technology and can project on any flat surface!! It tracks your fingers using advanced optics and can pair with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone using bluetooth. I’d definitely feel like I was in Mission Impossible if I were to ever use this keyboard – I’m getting a kick out of just picturing doing this at Starbucks!

Available at Brookstone for $99. Guaranteed to draw a crowd if used in public :).

SOCCKET: Can a ball really generate electricity?

This was created for resource-poor communities to be able to harness kinetic energy and store it as electricity that can be later used to power up lamps, water sterelizers and other appliances.

As the ball rolls, theres a mechanism inside that turns the motor and stores the energy in a battery. 30 minutes of playing with the ball can give you about 3 hours of light!! Imagine the possibilities. This is really amazing and inspiring: You Must Must watch this video:

Don’t Cry Over ‘Spoilt’ Milk

MilkMaid has come up with an idea for a SMART MILK JUG that can detect when milk is spoiled, and notify the user via text. It can also tell you when you need to buy

Here’s how it works: The milk goes into the vessel and as it begins to turn sour in the fridge, these cool features like temperature and acidity sensors detect when milk has gone sour or when the content is low, and it can send you a text letting you know to add it to your grocery list.

Product development company, Quirky, has just finished with the design and engineering phase of the working prototype. If there is a demand for the product, then Milkmaid could be made available to purchase. I can’t wait!!!

via TechCrunch. Click on the picture for more details.