COIN – heads: Must-Buy; tails: Must-Buy


To explain it simply, it is a single card that can store all your credit and debit cards, even loyalty/gift cards. So relieve your over-stuffed wallet and you will ever only need this one card with a single magnetic strip!

A lot of companies have dabbled in the tech-meets-finance space. Square did it successfully for small business owners and now Coin is something for us, the consumer! It is a kickstarter project and officially launches next summer. It will release with a price tag of $100. But, they are taking pre-orders now for $50! It does of course raise some security issues and they are in the process of addressing these.

Watch the video to really see it in action. I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Pre-Order yours now with a 50% discount:

iPhone Tip Alert: Trade and Upgrade

Time Sensitive Tip:  Lock-in a resale price for your existing iPhone now! 

Apple is planning to announce their latest phone line-up around September 10th and should release the phones to the public by September 20th (rumored but several reliable sources have confirmed).


The resale value of your existing phones will obviously drop drastically once the new iphone(s) is announced. is however doing a promotion where you can LOCK-IN a price for your phone now and you will only have to ship it out to them by mid-October!

I just locked in my price. You should too!

Here’s the link:

Summer’s not over yet! Beach Accessories

Xsories Beach bag with speakers! $29.99 . Can’t speak for the quality but I love the idea. Below is a Sporti waterproof phone cover I’m sure many will appreciate. You can operate a touchscreen phone through the cover and when you drop it in water, it floats! Now THAT is smart. $19.99 , probably cheaper on Amazon (



Zip-it earphones


You know how when you’re putting your phone or iPod away, and then reach for it, your earphones are a tangly mess. ZipBuds came up with a solution – zipper earphones. They’re tangle free and come in many fun colors. Easy, Fun, Genius !

Price: $13.99 – 19.99. Click on picture to take you to their website

Don’t Cry Over ‘Spoilt’ Milk

MilkMaid has come up with an idea for a SMART MILK JUG that can detect when milk is spoiled, and notify the user via text. It can also tell you when you need to buy

Here’s how it works: The milk goes into the vessel and as it begins to turn sour in the fridge, these cool features like temperature and acidity sensors detect when milk has gone sour or when the content is low, and it can send you a text letting you know to add it to your grocery list.

Product development company, Quirky, has just finished with the design and engineering phase of the working prototype. If there is a demand for the product, then Milkmaid could be made available to purchase. I can’t wait!!!

via TechCrunch. Click on the picture for more details.

Multi-function iPhone Case

This case is called The Rechargeable iPhone Speaker Amplifier Case.

Awkward name: Check. Features that justify name albeit awkward: Check

Price: $45.50


  • a rechargeable battery that doubles the life of your mobile phone
  • a subwoofer that amplifies the sound by about 10 times the regular sound of your phone
  • it’s got a stand on the back to take photos, or to watch videos
  • Quite slim given all its features!
  • Oh yeah, it protects your phone too

Click on the picture to take you to the website for more detail.

SUPERSIZE ME: Universal Remote

Losing a remote control is a universal problem. Never will you lose it in between the pillow cushions again, this remote is the pillow! Brookstone’s very own Pillow Remote Control is a great part gag gift, part awesome gift. Giggles aside, this is a 6-in-1 remote for your TV, VCR, DVD, satellite, cable and auxiliary A/V device. Compatible with hundreds of popular brands – just pop two AAA batteries in and you’re good.

Price: $29.99 at Brookstone

Recharge Battery On-The-Go

Stitchway UltraPower portable backup iPhone battery charger:

I bought this on for a mere $6 (click on picture above to take you to the product page).

How it works: It’s this compact little square gadget that is probably smaller than the palm of your hand that offers you the option of a wire-free recharge for your phone, or iPod on the go. I’m always on my phone, checking Facebook, using foursquare, playing temple run, or texting, so half way through the day my battery levels are quite meek – which sucks if I’m out of the office or not at home.

This is a life saver. You have to charge it in advance using your regular phone/ipod charger, and just slip it in your bag or your pocket. Whenever you need it later, you connect it to your phone and it’ll charge it up – No wires, no fuss. It can charge my iphone right in my handbag as I go about my day.

I measured the time it takes to charge. On my phone, from DEAD to 79% it took about 2 hours. A must have.

CLOCKY – dont abuse the snooze

Yes, it sounds like a funny word … but really its a funny clock. 

When the alarm goes off, Clocky will wait for you to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand (from 3 feet), and run around your room, and hide and ring again, determined to get you up on time. You have to go find it and switch it off. Hip and innovative, Its wheely effective.

Price: $39. On Amazon: $26 (Have you read the Quick Cosmo-Tech tips tab yet? Do your research before buying!)