Dropbox is a simple cloud storage file synchronization tool. With dropbox you’ll have access to your files anywhere.

How it works: You download the program for free from the website, and it installs a dropbox folder right on your computer. Everything you save on it is automatically updated in the cloud storage and you can access it online from your account wherever you are.

You can save files on it and separate into folders for easy organization. The best part is that it works like any other folder. You can attach files to emails just like as if it was saved on your desktop.

The best feature is probably sharing. You can allow your friends access to your dropbox folder – so you don’t have to upload all your pictures to Facebook and have the whole world see them. You can just upload to a dropbox folder and give your group of friends access to the folder.

It’s extremely easy to operate and navigate and even works on mobile devices and tablets.

Pricing: First, there’s Dropbox Basic, which gives you 2GB of storage at no cost. Second, if you need more space, you can pay $9.95 per month for 50GB or $19.99 per month for 100GB for Dropbox Pro 50 and Dropbox Pro 100, respectively.

Oh and for every friend you refer, you even get a bit of extra free space which can add up quickly! Its a superb service that I highly recommend.

Click Here to get started with DropBox and you’ll get an additional 500 MB of cloud space FREE


3 Favorite Apps on my phone right now

Cards App

The Cards app from Apple allows you to custom design cards with text and photos from your phone and they’ll mail it (actually post it not email), in a chic addressed envelope, to ANYWHERE in the world!

They have a bunch of pre-designed templates you can choose from and you design the inside and outside of the card, adding in your own photos and messages. This entire process could take as little as a minute to design and address your card.

It really couldn’t get easier. I love the utility – I love the price – I love how easy this is to use.

The app itself is free to download, and once you design your card it costs $2.99 to post anywhere in the U.S. and $4.99 internationally.


This app by GreatCall gives you access to a live registered nurse 24/7, and a medical encyclopedia, and a symptom checker! Basically its great for hypochondriacs like myself.

The app’s key feature is the interactive symptom checker tool that helps to identify symptoms, possible causes and when to seek medical help and/ or if you can treat yourself and how. If you need additional help, you can tap and get direct access to a registered nurse. Genius!

They’re giving away a free 30 day trial right now and then the price is $3.99 per month. I haven’t yet gotten past my free trial so don’t know if they have any hidden costs, but I’m liking this idea so far.

PS: According to the app, I have a possible pollen allergy.


Best App ever! Basically it gives you access to hundreds of FREE movies and TV shows on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch… whatever. You don’t need to sign up, or pay a dime. It works on 3G and Wifi and yes, these are FULL length movies and TV shows and they keep adding new content – they claim to add 20 new movies and TV shows monthly!!

Crackle is a division of Sony Entertainment, so this isn’t shady illegal content – it’s all legit, great quality stuff. I love putting on an episode of Seinfeld as I wait my turn at the doctor’s office or in line to get my chipotle – time goes by so much quicker! Its a great entertainment app – my phone wouldn’t be the same without it.

Price: Free. No additional costs for content.

An Apple a day ….

Many people have Apple products and so many of us want to buy more.

Cosmo-Tech Tips advice you to do your research in advance of buying. For Apple products, since the company launches updates and reworks of their products regularly, its smart to check in advance if the product you’re looking for is expecting an upgrade anytime soon. has a great “Buy or not to Buy” Guide you should consult before buying any Apple Products if you’re worried about a newer better model coming out too soon after you buy.

As of April 17, 2012 Here are some of their key products:

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These predictions are based purely on speculation of product market cycles and aren’t guaranteed – but they’re a pretty good indicator of whether to wait for a bit or run to the store and buy right away. Buy smart!

iPad + awesome keyboard case = MacBook Air

Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case for iPad 2 from M.I.C.

This is a case that doubles as a keyboard you can just attach your iPad to and … Voila! – a Laptop-esque experience.

It has a full sized keyboard for convenient typing for those that are slowly moving towards using their tablets a lot more, even around the house, and you can control other basic functions like video playback and brightness as well! When you place the cover face down on the iPad, it switches to sleep mode, and is easily rechargeable via USB. Can’t get any easier.

I love that the design is sleek and looks like the iPad itself. It will be super easy to cart around as well!
Click on the picture to take you the website.