Quick Cosmo-Tech Tips

1. Research. Research. Research.

You’ll find reviews for gadgets everywhere online. Do a little research before going to the store. Or even on your smart phone while you’re in the store. Youtube.com is actually a great resource for these. People well versed in the tech world (also known to the general population as geeks) always post reviews online comparing products to other popular products in the market. Doing your research in advance delays the “Damn there’s a better model out there” moment.

2. Buy cables online.

Never buy cables and wires for your electronics and TV’s in a store, best buy or otherwise. ALWAYS go online to Amazon.com and buy them there. In stores, HDMI cables typically cost $30 or more. On Amazon, $3. Don’t buy thunderbolt cables in an Apple store. Go to Amazon.com.

3. Don’t buy anything just because of its color.

I’m guilty of this. When I see a 10 GB hard drive with a fun zebra print next to a 500GB boring looking silver hard drive of the same price, I try to justify buying 50 of the zebra print ones over the ugly one. Don’t. You’ll regret it. In this tech-crazy world, chances are you can probably find a “skin” to cover just about anything with a print and color of your choosing. (http://www.3mselect.co.uk/c-824-new-custom-skins-for-gadgets.aspx)

4. Recycle your old gadgets

If you’re ready to buy a new phone or computer or whatever, make some money back, even if it is broken or damaged or just plain sucks! You can get a quote in advance and some of them even send you a mailing box and make it super easy for you. I just got $120 on Amazon trade in for an old barely working iPhone 3GS. Here are some legitimate websites to do it:

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