NIKE TRAINING App: Personal training at its best

You select your workout goals, you can select drills and audio training, sync it your playlist, watch videos of any drills or exercises you don’t know, and basically sweat your ass off all at home…

“Access detailed, step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations of each drill. A Nike professional trainer guides you through each step of your workout. Pause your workout at any time to access on-demand instruction.” – Nike

If I wanted to learn how to tone my arms, I can select an option to do that, and it will focus just on that. This really is different from all the other training and fitness apps out there. Give it a whirl.

Price: FREE!

Summer’s not over yet! Beach Accessories

Xsories Beach bag with speakers! $29.99 . Can’t speak for the quality but I love the idea. Below is a Sporti waterproof phone cover I’m sure many will appreciate. You can operate a touchscreen phone through the cover and when you drop it in water, it floats! Now THAT is smart. $19.99 , probably cheaper on Amazon (



Apple TV or Roku ?

Online video streaming is officially mainstream !!

For so many years, I hadn’t a clue that I could stream those TV shows i missed and music and Hulu and YouTube straight to my TV! I can now watch Netflix and be on my computer all at once.

So what are the best devices out there? Apple TV ($99) and Roku LT ($50). Which should you buy? Well, depends..

Roku LT
The Roku has an amazing lineup of content, including Netflix, Amazon Instant, Hulu Plus, Pandora, HBO Go, Crackle, Picasa, Flicker and more. You can see a full list on Roku’s site, and the company keeps adding more sources. The list is long and impressive and you get SO much free content – so many free movies and TV shows to pass the time! YouTube however is missing but is available on Apple TV.

No extra monthly bills.

It’s super simple to use, and you can customize your channels layout.
Roku also offers several pricier models which you can read about on their website.

In short it’s a great product at great value.

Apple TV

This one has fewer services than roku and is more expensive. It does stream YouTube though. There’s a lot of content on here that if you’re willing to pay for, is amazing.

What’s key to this is the INTEGRATION with other apple products. My iphone or iPad (maybe ipod touch too.. My ipod is the original ugly fat version:( and now sits on my bookshelf unused ) can double as a remote for the Apple TV which is amazing and pretty cool!

You can purchase shows on iTunes and watch it on TV and seamlessly pick up where you left off on your iPad or computer.
You can also play your music on here. Everything syncs up with your other apple products – like an ecosystem!

I have an apple TV and find that I ONLY use it for Netflix and YouTube streaming. In retrospect I wish I’d gotten the ROKU.

Winner: ROKU
Why? More content, just as easy to use, lower price

iPad + awesome keyboard case = MacBook Air

Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case for iPad 2 from M.I.C.

This is a case that doubles as a keyboard you can just attach your iPad to and … Voila! – a Laptop-esque experience.

It has a full sized keyboard for convenient typing for those that are slowly moving towards using their tablets a lot more, even around the house, and you can control other basic functions like video playback and brightness as well! When you place the cover face down on the iPad, it switches to sleep mode, and is easily rechargeable via USB. Can’t get any easier.

I love that the design is sleek and looks like the iPad itself. It will be super easy to cart around as well!
Click on the picture to take you the website.